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In this consultation, respectfully and with your permission, I connect to your energy field and bring forward important information that will help you find resolution to whatever situation is keeping you from manifesting the life you want.

This is a profound experience that have the potential of transforming your life. At the same time is very simple and organic, as the energies that are ready to be understood, will come online as we connect.

Life is a mystery. Sometimes our greatest fears and traumas are a product of past experiences that we have forgotten, but have a profound effect on the life you are manifesting right know. Our belief patterns can have us stock in a loop of repetition or in misalignment with our authentic self. This might cause a dis-empowering human experience. 

Knowing the truth with the purpose of healing, aligning and releasing can help you find  clarity and achieve the state of harmony you are looking for.

Most of my clients are surprised with the results of this consultations. 

This is a non-local, non-linear, out of space-time, quantum experience.

Depending on your energy field, past lives, childhood experiences, star seed origins and astrology are sometimes part of this consultation.

Follow your intuition. If you have been drawn to this content, this might be exactly what you need to find the clarity, empowerment and resolution to move forward.

This is a 90 minutes telephone or zoom consultation. Distance does not interfere when we re working in the quantum field.

You can be anywhere, but make sure is a safe space you will have total privacy, silence and no interruptions. Have pen and paper, water and some tissue (Kleenex) available.