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Zeolite Sorbolite Powder
Zeolite Sorbolite Powder
Zeolite Sorbolite Powder

Zeolite Sorbolite Powder

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Health Benefits:

Deep cellular detoxification: Targets toxins at the cellular level, ensuring a thorough and efficient detoxification process for your body.

• Antioxidant: The negatively charged zeolite crystal surface neutralizes positively charged unstable atoms in cells.

• Gastrointestinal cleanse: Eliminates toxins from the body, making it perfect for a gut cleanse.

• Liver cleanse: Reduces the level of transaminases and liver load, and protects and stabilizes the liver cell membrane.

• Regulates pH balance: Affects anaerobic fermentation processes, which can reduce bloating and regulate the body's acid-base balance (pH).

• Immune system support: By eliminating harmful toxins, it aids in strengthening your immune system, helping you stay healthy and protected against various infections and diseases.

• Enhanced skin health: Helps eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and rejuvenate your

• Improved digestive health: Binds to and removes unwanted substances, resulting in better nutrient absorption and overall gut health.

How to Use:

Take 1 scoop(1000mg) of Sorbolit Zeolite Powder, mix with 8 ounces of water (250ml) and drink it on an empty stomach or between meals.

The course of administration is 30 days.

The course could be extended unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner.

The course can be repeated every 3 months, or as needed.

Mireile's Comments

 "I always ask my clients if they think they are in a contaminated environment and/or if their body is exposed to toxins. Most people don't realize we are being exposed to plastics all the time. From food wrappings to liquids packed in plastic containers. Plastic leash into the content, so you are exposed to particles that create havoc in your body systems. Specially in your hormonal and immune system.

Radiation is all around us and zeolite removes it.

The water in our water systems is full of chemicals that aim to make our water safe, resulting in daily exposure to added toxins.

Heavy metals and toxic minerals and compounds are everywhere. In your food, tooth 

amalgam, vaccines, products for self care, make-up, and more.

Zeolite helps your body recover through detoxification. When you detoxify your body you might experience reduced inflammation, improved memory, increased energy levels and reduced pain and/or rigidity in articulations. 

Zeolite reduce intestinal permeability, supporting intestinal function and immune response.

Daily zeolite helps your body to get rid of  toxins and heavy metals that can make you sick, tired and experiencing rapid aging". Not Medical Advise.