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Sacred Site Retreat in Sedona. AZ

On October 5th, 2019, I departed on a journey of healing and transformation to the beautiful land of Sedona, Arizona. A potent land filled with vortex energies. It was considered a sacred site by the Native Americans for thousands of years, and today, it is considered one of the most potent healing places in the world.

Sedona is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. A place where you can get lost, far from civilization to dive into your inner truth.

This was an unpredictable journey. One day I received a phone call from my client “K”. She asked me if I had plans to go on one of those sacred travels I do. “K” was certain she needed what I call a “reset”.  Although it was not on my agenda, I started planning. I know when Spirit knocks on the door, you better listen. It announces blessings on the way.

There are always challenges to be conquered when searching for evolution. I was conscious of this and told “K”; so we tackled them resolute of our final goal. We departed San Juan, PR leaving behind our beautiful Island and Its conscious matrix and after two long flights, we arrived Phoenix. We drove for two hours across the desert and arrived to our destiny.

I had arranged for a proper vehicle to be rough riding in the mountains, we got that. I had arranged for a beautiful place to stay and we were surprised for its functionality, view, location but must of all to the feeling of home. It was more than what we had expected.

I always leave an open agenda when visiting Sedona. Each person is a universe and our purpose is to explore this universe, carried within, by the vortex energy surrounding us during our stay. So we kept an open mind and tune to listen to our intuition. According to this, we followed.


In “K” s world, taking care of her body was important. We devoted time each morning discussing food matters. Healing foods, toxic foods, cleansing foods and how to make changes when she would get back home. Breakfast was a trial zone where she would try incorporating superfoods, greens, fish, teas to her daily routine. We broke patterns and incorporated new healthy habits to sustain higher vibrations during the day. Then, outdoor adventures followed…

Every hike, every dream, every animal we met, carried a message. It was my job to help “K” decode it. Memories run wild while in Sedona. The least expected events from the past, rise to the surface. Whatever is ready to leave your field or heal, will come forward to be felt, observed and release.

New is also of the essence. Revelations, insights, sensations and establishing new connections. It is all facilitated by the land. The rewiring of neurons as you adapt to this new landscape and its energetic power that transforms. As the old, that no longer serves, leave your field; the new accommodate. At the same time, you remember who you really are and who you came to be.

We explored attractions. Sedona has so much to offer…We explored shops full of crystals, quartz, rocks, books, healing arts, aura photos and more. Restaurants are a must in Sedona. We visited some of the best. Fresh and quality ingredients. Fun food and soul food…Uhm...We were nourished!

Knowing yourself is a life long journey, so a visit to Sedona / Grand Canyon or any other sacred site on the Planet will not reveal all to you. It is one step on the way, but a most necessary one for those who feel the call.

As for “K”, she found what she was looking for…a new dimension to herself.  As for me, I confirmed my purpose, met a soul sister and learned from her. We laughed, we cried, we adventured, we explored, we had fun, we connected to nature, we relaxed, we learned. We continue… Becoming Fully Human Again!



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