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Colección: Zeolith Versand


Zeolith-Bentonit-Versand está comprometida con la pureza y calidad de los productos que produce. Zeolith Med es una zeolita del tipo clinoptilolita en presentación utrafina. Un mineral que se utiliza desde la antigüedad para desintoxicar el cuerpo.  Our Zeolite comply with the strict quality criteria of the European or German Pharmacopoeia, particularly in its microbial purity and power for concentration of toxic substances. In order to ensure that this is the case, the safety and effects of our Zeolite is tested and then monitored in state approved (accredited) German test laboratories. We have extensive documentation of all the materials and examinations to ensure a high level of product safety. 


The effect of these natural minerals is based on the special ability they possess to bind harmful substances by means of selective ion exchange and absorption.  The binding properties of the natural mineral clinoptilolite-zeolite and montmorillonite-bentonite are used in many different fields, e.g. as an additive to animal feed, in the agricultural industry in the rearing of young animals, for odour binding, soil conditioning, in fish farming, for water purification, in the nuclear and aerospace industries, as well as in medicine and cosmetics.

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