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Colección: Holistic Energy Field Reading and Coaching Program

Have you ever wonder what is contained within your energy field?  

Your soul’s story, your traumas, fears and frustrations. It also holds the key to your deeper desires and your genetic makeup.

When I access your energy field in consultation, we engage in a profound connection. Images and increased perceptions show themselves organically, helping me take you into a 90 minutes journey of self- discovery, healing and transformation.

Each consultation is as unique as you are. As you evolve, each time, is different.

During a consultation, you might:

  • Gain clarity on what is going on within that has been hard to unravel.
  • Find resolution to uncomfortable situations.
  • Release emotions and belief patterns holding you down.
  • Discover who you really are (your authentic self).
  • Experience deep healing.
  • Awaken into a higher vibrational reality.
  • Realize your calling and /or how to follow.
  • Understand your vibration and how to stay in alignment
  • If you are a spiritual seeker, you might need a consultation as part of your current initiation.
  • Find your role in creating Gaia.

In consultation, we create a safe space for you to move forward. Your experience is completely confidential.

We meet on Zoom with or without video. You book online and receive the invitation link with recommendations on how to get ready to make the most of this unique experience. If your schedule cannot work with mine, please write me an email with your request. I will do my best to accommodate you.

My first language is Spanish. My English is good, but it turns better in consultation or when channeling. I channel in English and then translate to Spanish. We can do the consultation in any of these languages.

The consultation is of an energetic nature. I may incorporate my training and experience in coaching, nursing, the military, business, integrative nutrition, natural health, functional medicine, permacultural designer, medicinal plants, hypnotherapy, dowsing, sacred travel, quartz, angelics, elementals, ascended masters, animal symbolism, shamanism, nature, Gaia – 5D, galactics, quantum and astrology as needed.

During our meeting, distance is nothing. We connect and I can feel your energetics as they reveal. I can also feel the Cov-Vaccine if you got it. It affects my energy field and disrupt the reading. Due to this unfortunate reality, I can only consult unvaccinated individuals at the present time. If you are one those beautiful souls that were vaccinated and is reading this material, I invite you to follow me in X, You tube and my website. I trust you will find the right 1-on-1 facilitator to help you move forward.

If you are unvaxxed, and feel the alignment, let’s meet! You can book a consultation in this link:

We start with a consultation. If you need further assistance, you can opt for a coaching program. The difference between the consultation and the coaching program is that the consultation is the foundation for the coaching program. The coaching program is 6 hours long and we organize them in segments of 60 or 90 minutes.

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  • Coaching Program "The Art of Holistic Living" / Programa de Coaching "El Arte de Vivir Una Vida Holística"
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